There's nothing like a little friendly rivalry amongst friends..
Are you up on Hollywood and Music Trivia?

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PartyJack is a party and family trivia game designed for the Apple TV, which works in combination with an iPad or iPhone.

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The Mini Games


Are you up to speed with the famous, their movies or albums? With Snapshot you and your team put 6 pics in order, before the time runs out!

Puzzle Pics

How many Puzzle Pics can your team solve before the timer expires?

Lyrics Star

How well do you know the lyrics you grew up with? Better than the other team?

Clue Limbo

How many words do you need for your clue? Less than the other guys?


Are you good with your hands.. Do you have what it takes to get the job done?

About Face

This little merry-go-round allows tons of clues, but only one guess. How many times will you go around?

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