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Creating public safety solutions that provide our users the assistance they need is the most important thing we do at Ten43. If you're having a problem with one of our apps, have a look here to find help. If you have a suggestion for how we can improve, please let us know! Your feedback drives our choices for future versions of our solutions.


    No participating 911 centers:
    • This is most likely due to your local 9-1-1 center not yet participating in the Advanced 911 system. If you would like us to ask them to join, select Contact Us.
    On the map screen, the "Search for Your Location" button is never enabled:
    • The Advanced 911 app won't lock in your location until it is accurate to within approximately 100 yards. Taking your phone outside or moving to another location may help get an accurate position lock.
  • FCC Press Release

    “Ten43 Presents Advanced 911 to the FCC and Community”

  • Press Release

    “Advanced 911 available on the iTunes App Store”